aVIE drops his first EP Chutney Chasers



aVIE Drops His First EP “Chutney Chasers”

The New Feathers music video is a story about a broken artist who is desperately looking for life as it depletes within her. She crosses path with a sadistic online game called the New Feathers Challenge. In it – the moderator pushes her to complete cruel tasks meant to deprive her of her own freedom. Unexpectedly, the game breathes color and confidence back into her.
It becomes out of control as the game leads to its final challenge.

aVIE is a Houston-based artist with a wide range of talent and an unrivaled passion for music. This summer, aVIE starts a new chapter of his journey by releasing his first EP “Chutney Chasers.”aVIE’s debut EP hosts a unique assortment of dark sounds, scales, and experiences for the listener. “Chutney Chasers” is full of heavy emotions brought to life by aVIE’s avant-garde beats and his shifting between melodic vocals and rap. The EP’s six tracks shuffle through his personal encounters with love, exotification, identity, addiction, and anxiety.

Growing up, aVIE and his family traveled all over the world for his father’s job, leading him to discover musical influences from across the globe. aVIE inherited his love for music from both his mother, a classical Indian musician/poet, and his father, a project engineer. The influence of his parents led aVIE to develop skills in many facets of music, including singing, rapping, instrumentation, and audio engineering. Fans may find a trail of bands and projects from over a decade of time.

“Chutney Chasers” is just one volume of aVIE’s upcoming project, aVIEonearth, which documents a common man’s life on Earth. Each part of the project that he releases will explore its own world of emotions. You can listen to “Chutney Chasers” on Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud and follow him on social media at @aVIEonearth.

Official Website: https://www.avieonearth.com


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