Miralee Stranger to myself


Miralee debuts with her downtempo song Stranger to myself, soft piano cords and vocals builds up the vibe for the electric guitar to join in. If you like more soft downtempo songs Miralee’s debut is something you should listen to and enjoy.


Miralee is a Canadian singer/songwriter specializing in downtempo electronic music. With a bachelor’s degree in composition, Lee is a highly trained vocalist whose study of electronic music production has led her to create a vocal-focused, electronic/organic hybrid sound. She is praised highly for vocals that touch the listener’s soul.

Lee is set to release her debut EP “Stranger To Myself” on June 15th. Produced by Darryl Swart, “Stranger To Myself” stays true to Lee’s unique style. All songs are written and performed by Miralee herself.

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