DJ Mizzy “Prost”


DJ Mizzy releases his debut single “Prost” a blend of house and hip hop elements where the heartbeat sound goes inte the drop and then builds up to more dreamy sound making you want to move your body and say Prost (Prost means cheers in German Language)


DJ Mizzy, whose real name is Claudel Larose, is an international DJ and producer raised just outside of New York. Inspired by artists such as Sander van Doorn, DJ Yonny, and Avicii, Mizzy has a strong passion for his work. Throughout his 18 years of DJing, Mizzy has traveled all over the world to perform. He uses the original Technic SL1200 turntable. Mizzy boasts a wide-ranging sound including hip hop, but mostly favors the deep house genre.

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