Jack Massic – Magnet ft. Daramola


With great summer vibes Jack Massic gives us his latest song Magnet ft. Daramola a catchy song with latin beats and a sprinkle of african elements making a perfect fit for Daramolas vocals.


Jack Massic is a Latin Grammy Nominee, musician, producer and songwriter based in Miami. Released on June 1, “MAGNET” is the first single for what will be Massic’s second studio album, called “Globality”. The rhythm fuses Latin and African elements while taking listeners on a journey of love with dance beats and significant lyrics. With the success of the single, anticipation for the video release is building. In addition to Jack Massic, director Nicolas Achury captures the fun and catchy vibes of summer with, Nigerian singer “Daramola”, and dancer “Latrice Hill”.

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