Interview with Thekrakenmusic


1) We want to visit Rio! Tell us about your city!
Rio is a big city with a tropical and wild landscape too. We can say sometimes we invented the Summertime because we don’t really have other seasons here, our winter looks like summer to most tourists. As most Brazilians, we love parties here, not only Carnaval which is the biggest one, you can have fun every night here, there’s always something cool to do. Also, Rio is a great city when were are talking about diversity and cultures, everything here is very mixed, so everyone kind feels at home here. Of course, I could go on and talk forever about Rio, but you should really come and visit! I’m sure it will be one of your favorite places for vacation.

2) What is the biggest party/ event you have played?
It was on a Club in Rio, right after a huge conference of Electronic Music.

3) Have you been to Ibiza and if so, did you play there?
No, I’ve never been to Ibiza, but I’ve been to Palmas de Mallorca which is the Island right next to Ibiza, I fell in love with the place and the people. It was a small vacation so I had to go back to my record label in Italy. For the next year, we are already scheduling our summer tour in Europe, so surprises are on that way.

4) Where do you get your personal style/ fashion sense?
I just love fashion, and my family has more than 5 different cultures, so I like to add differently references to my looks every time. I don’t like to be defined as one thing, I like to be classic sometimes but on the next day I’m totally colorful and on party mode, and then I want to change it all to black and gothic. If I should “try” to define me I would say I normally go to these 3 stages.

5) What is your favorite song you have written?
Wow, that’s a very difficult question to ask a songwriter… But one of my favorites was “Lucky”, it was my first rap on an EDM/Dubstep song, which I talked about making my own way on the Music Industry, it was a difficult decision because when you are trying to create something different you don’t have someone’s path to follow, and there a lot of people saying things to discourage you, and sometimes you are very close to believing it. “Lucky” is a strong one.

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