Interview with Bionic


Please tell us something about you (Like where did you you grow up?),
Born and raised in London, Uk. Iʼve studied music all my life – School – College
– University. I Graduated with a degree in Music Technology as well as a
Masters in Popular Music Production.
I still consider myself a student in this music industry: Forever Learning.

Best memory from a live performance?
Headlining the Forum in Hertfordshire, UK. Such a surreal feeling, especially
knowing it sold out too.

What do you use in your studio?
In my studio? Tons of analog equipment, from synthesizers to tape machines
and etc.
My favourite mic is the Manley reference mic it’s so beautiful
My favoruite Preamp is the Neve 1073 because it captures the purity of the
My favorite synthesizer is the Moog Voyager, Juno 106, Korg Polysix. My studio looks like a spaceship, I feel like Dexter from Dexter’s laboratory lol.


Where would you like to perform and why?
Omg, I would love to perform at Capital Summertime / Jingle Bell ball. Their
shows are so amazing – it touches me so much.
Actually, next year ill be on the lineup, You heard it here first. Let’s speak it into
existence. Shout out Ant Payne from Capital and the rest of the capital team.

What inspired you to start making music?
Attending choir practice with my mum at a very young age.

What artists do you want to work with and why?
Travis Scott all day every day – Travis Scott is genius. Probs one of the most
creative human beings Iʼve met.
Oh, let’s not forget Diplo I love how he embraces all cultures through his music.
It’s so beautiful. Diplo hit me up – I’m a fan!
Imagine a Diplo X Bionic X Travis Scott collab………….
Coldplay, BIA, Maroon 5, Pharrell Williams, London Future and many more, List
goes on!

Fun fact that no one knows about you?
I only drink Evian water.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
Being a better version of myself. More people being aware of my music. Giving
back to the community. Lets all win!

Any quotes you have that you use to keep you going?
Tons of quotes. I wish I could mention them all but I would be here for the rest
of my life. I get inspired by life as a whole. Inspired by existence you could say.
Keep going, keep pushing. Your time is now.
P.s. Check out Gary Vee and thank me later

How important is fashion to music and which fashion stylist are you a fan
There is a clear intersection between fashion and music – its all part of the
culture. If you think about the previous generations theres always been
trendsetters; Micheal Jackson, David Bowie, Madonna, and more recently,
Travis Scott.
I’m a big vintage fan, I own tons of vintage gear. It really portrays what I’m
about, musically and personally. Shout out to all the great stylists: Kate Young,
Karla Welch and the rest but right now my favourite is Karsa. I really love the
new age vintage style she offers. That’s where I get some of my clothing tips
Check out Karsa on Youtube ‘MsKarsaaʼ or search ‘Karsaʼ alternatively hit her
up via Instagram @karsa_official for some clothing tips 🙂

Thanks Bionic for taking the time to answer our questions, check out Bionic’s latest release Change (ft Matt Martino)below.

Bionic – Change (ft Matt Martino)
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