Virgin Skulls interview


1. NEVER GIVE UP is a great anthem, tell us the story behind the song.

2. We read that you like to “Make music that empowers people” can you explain?

3. Having a background in promotion Tiro, what do you think makes a great show?

4. Explain your LIVE show for our readers.

5. Tour plans?

1. MARCO: Thank you. It’s great to see that it connected with you in that way for that is exactly what we were going for! I am a big fan of those 80s anthem songs from like Robert Tepper, Tim Cappello & Frank Stallone, to name a few, that just made you feel stronger & ready to take on anything.
When Tiro (Skull and Headphones) initially played me the music, it instantly gave me that feeling & NEVER GIVE UP manifested. 
A simple but Powerful message over some retro sounds with the Virgin Skulls twist that continues to give us strength in our day to day & we hope will for others as well.

2. MARCO: Yes, well music has been & continues to be my Savior on a daily basis. I simply would not exist if it were not for the many songs that have touched my heart & soul, giving me the strength to get through,..literally empowering me. 
I had come to the conclusion at a very young age that I wanted to do that for others. That whatever I was going through, was so I could translate this pain into power, like others have done for me. 

3. TIRO: Great question, from my experience I can tell you that, a great show starts building up 8 months to a year out when a talent buyer receives some solicitation from an agent that an artist is available, that same promoter now must book a good venue. Then he has to promo it, book the sound system and backline and lets not forget the lights, and back up systems for redundancy. I can go on and on, and all that comes way before the artists come onstage and take all the glory! It’s a process! 

4. MARCO: Our LIVE Show will vary a bit depending on the venue but the mission will be the same. Making sure we all just get “Lost in the Music”!

5. TIRO: 
We’re confident that together working hard with our team at Bsquared MGMT 
we’re going to map out this tour for the end of winter /spring. We would love to start in our own backyard In the NYC / NJ area then Philly, DC, Nashville and then end up at SXSW. Maybe even hit up the West Coast, as our team member Taylor Head Of Radio Promo for Bsquared MGMT is getting us plenty of plays in California. So look out for us soon! 

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